The role of 7S eight eighty factories2014-03-07

1. The loss is zero [7S is the best salesman] 
At least in the industry has been hailed as the most clean and tidy workshop; no defects, no bad, with the degree of good reputation in the customers word of mouth, more and more loyal customers; high profile, many people are attracted to visit; We scrambled to work for this company; people have to buy this proud company's products; order, straighten, sweep, clean and maintain good self-cultivation and become a habit to clean the factory based on a great space for development. 
2.Poor-quality zero-defect zero [ 7S is the escort who ]
Products produced according to standards; proper use of instrumentation and maintenance, to ensure the quality of the premise; environment clean and orderly, one can find exceptions; clean production site, employees can improve the quality of consciousness; normal use and maintenance machinery and equipment, reduce defective production; employees know to prevent problems from occurring rather than just deal with the problem; 

3. Zero waste is saving expert [7S avoid wasting] 
6S can reduce inventory, eliminate excess production, to avoid parts, semi-finished products in the library too; avoid the warehouse, shelf, ceiling left; avoid pallets, trolleys, forklifts and other handling tools for the excess; avoid unnecessary purchase of machinery, equipment ; avoid "looking", "Waiting", "avoidance" and other action due to waste; eliminating the "pick up" "down," "inventory," "handling" and other non-value added movement; avoid unnecessary stationery, desk, chairs and other office equipment. 
4. The fault is zero [ 7S delivery guarantee ] 
Dust of the factory; free of debris, fragments, and oil spills, often smear and maintenance, mechanical Jia fixed rate; dies, jigs and fixtures well-managed, debugging, search time is reduced; equipment productivity, staff efficiency and stability, overall efficiency can take high; daily use of Inspection, preventive measures 
5.The switching time is zero [ 7S product is a high efficiency are ]
Dies, jigs, tools, through consolidation, without looking too much time; clean standard normal operation of plant machinery, operating efficiency increased substantially; thorough 6S, for beginners and newcomers understand at a glance, quick posts. 
6.An accident is zero [ 7S security software equipment ]
Sorting, consolidation, other channels and rest areas are not occupied; items placed a high degree of handling and stowage methods taking into account safety factors; workplace spacious, bright, so the logistics at a glance; pedestrian and vehicular traffic, smooth road; "dangerous" "Note" and a clear warning; staff on the proper use of protective equipment, not illegal operations; all the equipment for cleaning, maintenance, problems can be found in advance, thereby eliminating the security risks; fire facilities are available, the placement of fire extinguishers, escape routes clear in case of fire or earthquake, staff safety is guaranteed. 
7.The complaint is standardized to zero [ 7S promoter ]
People can properly implement the rules and regulations; to their posts immediately of any job can be; who knows how to do the work, what makes a well; work convenient and comfortable; improved every day, some progress. 
8. Absenteeism rate is zero [ 7S can create a happy work ]
A glance in the workplace, there is no waste, forced, uneven and other defects; post bright, clean, dust-free litter in the workplace people happy, not make people tired and worried; work has become a pleasure, the staff will not absenteeism absenteeism; 7S give people "as long as you work, what can do," the faith, so that everyone hands-improvement; in dynamic first-class workshops, staff are sincerely proud of.