The purpose of the implementation of 7S2014-03-17

1.To improve and enhance the corporate image 
Neat, clean work environment, easy to attract customers, so customers have the confidence; the same time, word of mouth, other companies will become the object of study. 

2.To promote efficiency 
Good working environment and working atmosphere, we have very good working partners, items placed in order, without looking, the staff can concentrate on work, the high interest in the work efficiency will naturally improve. 

3. To improve the turnover rate of parts in the library 
Clean work environment, effective storage and distribution, complete the minimum inventory management, when necessary, can be removed immediately useful items. Between the smooth logistics process, seeking to reduce or even eliminate the retention time, improve the turnover rate of parts in the library. 

4.Reduced until the elimination of failure to protect the quality 
Excellent quality from excellent working environment. Through regular cleaning, inspection, and continuously clean work environment, avoid contamination damage to the machine to maintain equipment efficiency, improve quality. 

5.Storage protection of the safe production clear, and materials for in situ, in the workplace bright and spacious, the access to the ground should not be placed at random placement of items. If an orderly workplace, accidents will be reduced, of course, security is guaranteed. 

6.Reduce production costs 
Through the implementation of 7S, can reduce the personnel, equipment, location, time, etc. of waste, thus reducing production costs. 

7.To improve staff morale, the vitality of the organization 
Everyone becomes a training staff with dignity and achievement, for their dedicated work, and promote improved awareness (the rationalization of the proposal can be implemented to improve the activity), increased vitality of the organization. 

8.Shorten the operating cycle to ensure delivery 
As a result of the "glance" management, so that anomalies visible, reducing personnel, equipment, waste of time, the production smooth and improve operational efficiency and shorten the operating cycle to ensure delivery.