svZhengzhou Shaw Van Biochemical Material Group LTD is a Hi-tech enterprise specialized  in R&D and manufacture of daily chemical products, surfactants, compound fertilizer etc. Our factory is located in beautiful Henan. There are manufacture bases built in Anyang of Henan,Shaoyang of Hunan,Jinzhou of Hebei etc. There are bench & pilot tests and industrial devices of SO3 sulphonation and surfactants of non-ionic, amphichroic and natural oil series, which ensure an annual capacity of over 300,000 tons of different surfactants.

Supported by the advantages of transportation hub for China resource and Henan is the biggest chemicals production base in China, our export performance is increased 20% per year. We signed the sole export agreement with several factories to support our products, making its much more competitive in the market, including Nitrogen fertilizers, Phosphate fertilizers and Potassium fertilizers, also micro element fertilizers such as manganese sulphate and ferrous sulphate etc. Meanwhile we also enlarge our exporting business, such as food and feed additives products, detergent products and water-treatment products, which makes our export products diversified. The products have been widely exported to Europe, Middle Asia, South East Asia, Africa and Latin America and South America, nearly 50 countries.

Zhengzhou Shaw Van Biochemical Material Group LTD will provide clients best products with the best quality and the best service. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

In the past 15 years, our company obey the decinple of developing with science and technology, living with high quality, to benefit with good management,which form a good company culture.We adopt developed adminstration mode and competitive mechanism that is, people oriented,being sincerely, which make the staff play an active and creative role,building a good social image and prestige. We was awarded as the unit of trustworthy,top 50 of private enterprises of Henan,unitof sincere ratepaying,5 A enterprise of managing sincerely, top 50 of growing fast enterprise,was awarded as the skill center by the provincial government,the advanced unit of good quality. Our products was award as high quality products of Henan and Henan famous products.

Heaven moves unceasingly,the gentleman strives constantly forself-improvement,terriain-kun, the gentleman should tenet. The goal of Shaw Van group company is to be an enterprises of high-tec,management modernization,diversifying,produt seriation,scalization of benefit.